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Blood Type Diet - For Type B only heheh ^^

Juz wanna post diz article to keep me alert of myself ^^" For those who wanna known more bout their blood type, u can search it at any search engine (Blood Type Diet)..

The sturdy and alert Type Bs are usually able to resist many of the most severe diseases common to modern life, such as heart disease and cancer. In fact, a Type B who carefully follows the recommended diet can often bypass severe disease and live a long and healthy life. Type Bs are more prone to immune-system disorders such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Type B Diet is balance and wholesome, including a wide variety of foods.

For Type Bs, the biggest factors in weight gain are corn, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds. These foods have different lectin that affect the efficiency of the metabolic process, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia. The gluten lectin in wheat germ and whole wheat products also adds to the problems cause by other metabolism-slowing foods.

It is important to leave off chicken for Type Bs. Chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue, which attack the bloodstream and potentially lead to strokes and immune disorders. Type Bs thrive on deep-ocean fish, but should avoid all shellfish. The shellfish contain lectins that are disruptive to the Type B system.

Type B is the only blood type that can fully enjoy a variety of dairy foods. Most nuts and seeds (especially peanuts, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds) are not advised for Type Bs., they contain lectins that interfere with Type B insulin production.

Wheat is not tolerated well by most Type Bs. They contain a lectin that reuce insulin efficiency and failure to stimulate fat "burning". Rye contains a lectin that settles in the vascular system, causing blood disorders and potentially strokes. Corn and buckwheat are major factors in Type B weight gain, they contribute to a sluggish metabolism, insulin irregularity, fluid retention, and fatigue.

Eliminate tomatoes completely from Type B diet. It has lectins that irritate the stomach lining. Fruits and vegetables are generally well tolerated and should be taken generously.

Characteristics of Type B - Best on Balanced Omnivores Diet

Comments Most Beneficial Food allowed Food not allowed
Meat and Poultry
These meats contains a Type B blood agglutinating lectin.

Chicken, Cornish hens, Duck, Goose, Patridge, Quail, Pork
These meats help to boost the immune system lamb, mutton, Venison, Rabbit

Give up chicken, but use these meats instead
Beef, Pheasant, Turkey, Veal
Deep-ocean fish and white fish are great for Type Bs Cod, Salmon, Flounder, Halibut, Sole, Trout All kinds except those listed not allowed
These seafood are poorly digested by Type Bs. They are disruptive to the Type B system.

All Shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish, clam, etc), Anchovy, Barracuda, Beluga, Eel, Frog, Lox, Octopus, Sea bass, Snail, Striped bass, Turtle, yellowtail
Dairy Type B is the only blood type that can fully enjoy a variety of dairy foods. That's because the primary sugar in the Type B antigen is D-galactosamine, the very same sugar present in milk. Cottage cheese, Farmer, Feta, Goat cheese and milk, Kefir, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Milk, Yogurt All kinds except those listed not allowed American cheese, Blue cheese, Ice cream, string cheese
Fats The oils not allowed contain lectins that are damaging to the Type B digestive tract. Olive
Canola, Corn, Cottonseed, Peanut, Safflower, Sesame, Sunflower
Nuts Most nuts and seeds are not advisable for Type Bs. They contain lectins that interfere with Type B insulin production
All kinds except those listed not allowed Cashews, Filberts, Pine, Pistachio, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds
Beans These beans interfere with the production of insulin for Type Bs.

Lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, Beans (pintos, aduke, Azuki, Black)
Wheat reduce insulin efficiency and failure to stimulate fat "burning" in Type Bs

Wheat (bran, germ bulgur, durum, whole and white), Shredded wheat, Cream of wheat or any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
Rye contain a lectin that settles in the vascular system causing blood disorders and potentially strokes.

Rye and any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
These contribute to a sluggish metabolism, insulin irregulariry, fluid retention and fatigue.

Buckwheat, Corn (cornflakes, cornmeal) and any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products

Millet, Oatmeal (Bran, flour), Puffed Rice, Rice (bran, flour), Spelt All kinds except those listed not allowed Amaranth, Barley, Kasha, Seven-grain, Wild rice, Couscous
Bread (Brown rice, Essence, Ezekiel, WASA), Fin Crisp, Millet, Rice cakes All kinds except those listed not allowed Bagels, Muffins (Corn and Bran), Bread (Multi-grain Rye, Whole wheat), Soba Nooldes, Wild Rice, Couscous
This vegetable contain a lectins that irritage the stomach lining of Type Bs.

This vegetable has insulin- and metabolism-upsetting lectins for Type Bs

The mold in this can trigger allergic reactions

These vegetables contain magnesium, an important antiviral agent to help Type Bs fight off viruses and autoimmune diseases Green leafy vegetables All kinds except those listed not allowed Artichoke, Avocado, Corn, Olives, Pumpkin, Radishes, Sprouts, Tempeh, Tofu, Tomato
Pineappple has enzymes that help Type Bs to digest their food more easily. Pineapples

Avoid these fruits for they interfere with your digestive system

Coconuts, Persimmons, Pomegranates, Prickly pear, Rhubarb, Starfruit

Bananas, Cranberries, Grapes, Papaya, Plums All kinds except those listed not allowed
Sweet herbs tend to be stomach irritants to the Type Bs

Barley malt sweeteners, corn syrup, Cornstarch, Cinnamon
Type B do best with warming herbs Ginger, horseradish, curry, cayenne pepper All kinds except those listed not allowed
Avoid these spices also

Allspice, Almond extract, Gelatin, Pepper (black and white)

Generally Type Bs don't reap overwhelming benefits from most herbal teas. Ginger, Peppermint, Raspberry leaf, Rose hips, Sage, Green Teas
Aloe, Coltsfoot, Corn silk, Fenugreek, Gentian, Goldenseal, Hops, Linden, Mullein, Red clover, Rhubarb, Senna, Shepherd's purse, Skullcap
This is highly recommended for Type Bs because it seems to have a positive effect on the nervous system. Ginseng

This has antiviral properties. Licorice
Distilled liquor, Seltzer water, Soda

Food Choice Table

Carbohydrates Good Choice Reasons Bad Choice Reasons
Vegetables - green leafy Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, fiber Most Tuber vegetables (potatoes, tapioca) High glycemic index
Onions, Green Onions, Chives, Garlic Antibacterial, antiviral, anticarcinogenic
Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower Prevents estrogen dominance (which causes cancer)
Tomatoes (both raw and cooked) High Vitamin C and lycopene for CA prevention
Tubor vegetables in moderation - (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes) Beta Carotene - good antioxidant
Whole Fruits - Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, fiber Fruits (banana, Watermelon) High glycemic index
Lemon, Lime Keeps the body alkaline Fruit Juices High sugar content, low fiber
Soybean Products in moderation Cancer prevention
Pineapples Bromelain
Blueberry, grapes Protects the Heart
Whole Grains B-Vitamins, Insoluble fiber
Oats, Barley Soluble fiber, Lower Cholesterol White Rice High glycemic index
Pasta made with duram wheat Low to medium glycemic index White Flour High glycemic index
Basmati Rice Low glycemic index
Protein Good Choice Reasons Bad Choice Reasons
Legumes Soluble fiber Peanuts Aflatoxin (carcinogen)
Nuts High in Monounsaturated fats
Deep water fish High in Omega 3 Fatty Acid Coastal Fish Toxic Metals
Organic Eggs Best Biological Value Protein for Human Red Meats Acid forming, Carcinogenic, Increase Hormone
Nuts Monounsaturated fatty acid (lower chol), fibers Dairy Allegen, Hormone Increase
Shellfish Carcinogenic
Fat Good Choice Reasons Bad Choice Reasons
Avocado Monounsaturated fatty acid (lower chol) Margarine Hydrogenated Oil - carcinogenic
Olive Oil Monounsaturated fatty acid (lower chol) Deep Fried Food Hydrogenated Oil - carcinogenic
Polyunsaturated Oil (when not heated) High in Omega 6 fatty acid Chips Hydrogenated Oil - carcinogenic
Saturated Fats-Palm Increase Chol
Polyunsaturated Oil when Heated Hydrogenated Oil - carcinogenic
Soft Drinks Acidic, high sugar
Desserts High in sugar, high in hydrogenated fats
Sugar Empty calories, Increase TG, Inc Chol, Dental Caries

source: Michael Lam, MD, MPH, ABAAM

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For Musfirah 착기 ^^

Harap2 abe Kyu dlm pic neh bole menambahkan semangat ko nk belajar la ek haha ^^v

sebeno nyr da 1 lg pic kyu aku nk buh tp tetiba lak blogspot nie wt hal..hrp ko maapkanla blogspot nie ek. mmg pic abe kyu nie der org penah spam kot , 2 yg pyh nk upload heheh ~ngan pnuh kejahatan -,- ~ len time aku upload 1 lg..hrp ko gumbira ^^ jangan smpi ko ngigau ko date ngn kyu sudaa -,-"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wallpaper Baru ^^v

Nie wallpaper baru utk kakak! ^^"

xkesah la kakak nk tampal kt bilik ke, belakang pintu ke, kat ruang tamu ke (klo ummi kakak x mrh la haha)...tp yg sy suggest kt lptop je dh cukup (~peace ^^)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rindu =='

Saya rindu dier -,-" ...

EHEM!!! bukan awak yer...sy maksudkan ialah yg sebelah kanan tue ^^"


Thursday, September 30, 2010

I dont know -,-"

aishh... i dont know wut kind of unfinished works i have -,-"

# internet bl nk settle neh (bengang ngan CC's worker neh)
# Physiology CNS test (next week k 0,o")
# i wanna upload eid's pics (jinja!!)
#i wanna edit SJ's pics (-,-")

so, please help me..tlg la cepat2 sket wt keje tuh..jgn duk keje "bukraa..bukraa..bukraa jer"


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Egyptians To Change Clocks Four Times This Year

Daylight saving time (DST) will end in Egypt on Wednesday August 11, 2010. Egypt’s Cabinet recently decided that the country’s DST schedule for 2010 will end before
the start of Ramadan. However, DST will resume in Egypt after the month of Ramadan on Friday, September 10, 2010. Egypt will be back from DST on Friday, October 1.

DST to End Before Ramadan and Start After Ramadan

Egyptians will have to change their clocks four times this year after Egypt's cabinet decided that Daylight Saving Time (DST) will not be used during Ramadan, but will continue after the month of Ramadan. This is the first time that Egypt has used this DST schedule to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.

Egypt's DST schedule changes are:

  • DST ends and clocks will move one hour back at midnight (00:00) between Tuesday August 10, and Wednesday August 11, in 2010.
  • Egypt will revert back to DST after Ramadan and move their clocks forward at midnight (00:00) between Thursday, September 9, and Friday September 10, 2010.
  • Egypt will end its 2010 DST schedule at midnight (00:00) local time between Thursday, September 30, and Friday, October 1.

According to the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Dr. Magdi Radi, the decision to end DST before Ramadan and then resume DST after Ramadan was made in accordance to Law No. 14 of 1995. This law states that Egypt’s DST period will start on the last Friday of April and end on the last Thursday of September each year. However, according to the second article of Law No. 141 of 1988, there is an exception when the month of Ramadan coincides with Egypt's DST schedule.

Egypt’s Time Zone and DST

During the winter, Egypt follows Eastern European Time (EET), which is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or UTC+2:00. During daylight saving time, Egypt is on Eastern European Summer Time (EEST), which is three hours ahead, or UTC+3:00.

DST is seen as an energy-saving measure to help push economic growth. The daylight saving schedule aims to preserve energy and cut down on electricity usage by providing more hours of sunlight in the late afternoons and early evenings. The DST schedule during Ramadan has been an annual debate in Egypt. Ramadan is the Muslim fasting holy month that follows a lunar calendar, which can occur during the DST period. Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world focus on prayer, fasting, giving to charity, and religious devotion. In order to prevent Muslims from fasting one hour longer, the DST schedule usually ends before the start of Ramadan.

How Ramadan Effects DST in Egypt

Regional customs or moon sightings may cause a variation of the date for Islamic holidays, which begin at sundown the day before the date specified for the holiday. The Islamic calendar is lunar and the days begin at sunset, so there may be one-day error depending on when the New Moon is first seen.

According to Mosslem Shaltout, professor of solar-space physics and vice-chairman of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS), the moon’s crescent will appear at the same level as the sun and earth at 06:08am on August 10, which marks the beginning of Ramadan. There is the possiblity that Egypt will adopt the same 2010 DST schedule in the upcoming years, as Ramadan moves 11 days earlier each year.

source: http://www.timeanddate.com/news/time/egypt-ends-dst-2010.html

Monday, August 2, 2010

ph0t0Sh0t of 'haEngb0k' aT aLeXanDeriA

Date: 27th of July 2010 - 31th of July 2010

0nLy theSe PicZ caN deScriBe h0W hApPy wE WeRe wiThOut A siNgLe W0rd ^,^v

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ BaHaWaSaNya SaYa... ~

Bahawasanya saya ingin memaklumkan bahawa

TempOh: Lebey Kurang SEMINGGU (yay! ^,^v)
Tarikh Mula: EsOk (23hb JUN 2010)
Tarikh Tamat: Xtau (cam expired date utk roti la plak -,-" )
Tempat menginap: umah sesiapa sahaja yg saya knl d sana (oleh itu, silalah memberi space utk saya tidur ye ~ haha ^^ )

lalalalalalala ^,^v

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things To Do -,-"

  1. Packing buku n baju2 masuk kotak n beg...
  2. Antr winter coat, saratoga, n len2 lg bju yg gne tem winter hr 2 ke kedai dobi..
  3. rumah, rumah, & rumah...
  4. kipas
  5. copy visa & surat
  6. g husin
  7. sanad quran

yg len2 akn dmasukkan kemudian...

p/s: bkn d dlm mood utk update blog..

p/s: nmpknyr sy tlh mnjd 'kipasusahmati' 1 korean boy-band haha -,-"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PoStiNg niE uTk hari tue, hAri iNi, & Smalam ^,^v

Hari Nie...
me g jawazat wif housemate..cube tke nk wtpe?? haha (dgn at yg berbunga2 ^,^) sbb nk tukar taraf kami dr PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin) kepada Pendatang Berizin (b.m x bpe nk btol..ampun huhu)..

kami kua dlm kol 7 nek teksi..smpi2 je jawazat bru nk bkk.tp cm bese la, kene bratur kn..dtg sbnrnyr nk mek cop je pon..tp berejam.smpi xlrt nk mbebel kt ammu & mama arb tuh..Ha? npe kene bratur? ok2, cbe korg bygkn yg korg g pjbt pos nk bli stem je pon, rmai lak tu org yg dlm pjbt pos (sbb nk berurusan jgk +staf2 pjbt pos).korg tgk2 kiri kanan, kerusi xde (yg de cme krusi pnjg yg diletak dhdpn kaunter sbg penghadang), air-cond derg bkk tp de perfume sket (bau rokok la, coz derg smoking dlm ofis ~sgt 'menyegarkan').then dlm ramai2 staf 2, sorg je yg kejenyr jaga stem, smpul surat n etc..tp pelanggan byk giler..mcm 2 la keadaan kt tmpt arb neh huhu

pe dier? no. giliran?? dh kusi pon xde, lg mau tnyr mesin tunggu no. giliran..xde la ceq -,-''

tp kami x kesahkan, asalkan kami dh dpt cop visa kami + ammu & mama arb tue xwt mslh, it's ok ^,^v

sblm blk, kami singgah ARMA..sbb nk lunch.prut masing2 dh bunyi cm piano putus tali (piano putus tali ble bunyik lg ke? ~ ntah la me pon xtau -,-'' )

Hari Semalam...
smalam me and lg 3 org housemate g shopping kat spinney..spinney dalam city star.. brg2kt dlm spinne bleh la dikatakn cm korg g membeli-belah kt giant (bkn xble bla ok -,-''), tp g kat luar spinney mmg hrga -,-'' (mf la, mahalnyr 2 mmg xble n dkira ngn 10 jari korg - even tmbh 10 jari kaki jgk huhu)..siyes mahal! tpbrg2 dier kualiti la (kowt huhu..)

tp bez jln2 kt cni. mklumlah tmpt org kaya kn, mesti la lawa..so yg kami nie wpon xde la sekaya mana smpi mmpu shopping dlm city star 2 kn, kami wt2 la cm org kaya btol (haha ^,^v) kalo terliur tgk eskrem 2, kami pndg je la..nk bli x mmpu. bygkn la 1 sundae tue hrga 20 genih lbh & ke ats (kalo spe yg budget diet + xnk mkn utk seminggu bleh la bli mende tuh..kmi xnak ^^ )

g sne, housemate & me bli novel b.i thriller..berjam duk dlm bookstore yg hrga brgnyr bl kte tgk cm nk trkeluar biji mata neh (so, kami pon duk berjam-jam kt area buku je, area cd n komputer kami lalu bg 'hormat' je haha)... kt dlm spinney lak mcm2 la yg kami bli. me borong biskut yg sgt byk (sbb me ske biskut ^,^v), coklat, donut (psl msa skype ngn abah mlm sblmnyr tue, abah btau yg abah buat donut..siap tnjuk2 lg -,-'' + me sgt ske donut yg lmbut )..

lps dh pnt shopping, kami isik perut kt foodcourt..me order nasi goreng kt Asian Delight. org arb yg wt sumer mknn kt c2 wpon nama 'asian' ( so, xde la rsa cm 100% mknn asia kn..bleh la sket2 rs) ..hrga nasi 2 sje 20 genih lbh...harga byk, nasi pon byk..kesimpulannyr me x hbs mkn then smbung kt umah lak mkn)...pas2 kami blk la..dh pnt jln huhu

Hari TuE...
hari smlm classmate me wt makan2 (hehe ~sngnya dlm at ^,^v ~)..so kami 1 umah g la umah derg yg kt sabi' (umah kt 'asyir).. wlaupon trpksa memanjat umah mereka yg brtgkt2, tp kami xkesah sbb kami tau mknn sdg menunggu kami.. about 90 of us dtg umah mreka..byk mknn (mesti la, dh nama pon makan-makan..esh! ) bkn pe, nk citer yg derg hidang feveret me (hehe) puding2 yg pelbagai jenis (sedap2!! ^^ ) + mee sup n etc..tp yg plg me ske puding 2 la..fes round, me kenyang ngan puding yg mereka wt..second round, me cume ble msk beberapa sudu mee sup (sbb dh kekenyangan angkara puding)..

bl nk pulang sblm nek tremco, kami singgah kedai 'asir. bkn minum cocktail la, kami minum 'asir 'asob (sgt sdp ^^ lg2 tem musim pns nie kn)..

pas2? hmm..kami pulang la..dh penat nie brjalan..k la, nk ngulang quran lak..daa ^^v

Thursday, June 10, 2010

KLik-kLik m0meNt

hehe..hr nie sudah bermula kembali detik2 ''xde keje" utk me (ngee~ :P )

Mula detik tersebut: sblm exm arab
Tamat detik: beberapa minit sblm exm bermula

(haha..sgt gembira rs hr nie-teka sbb pe?!! :P)

Alhamdulillah~Sebab hr nie byk sgt soalan yg dukturah tlg jwbkn tem exm (kehkehkeh) tq dukturah!! syg dukturah ^,^v

P/s: preparing 4 quran paper diz 14th of june 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

MisSi0n c0mPLeTe!!! ^,^v

alhamdulillah, final exam utk first yr (for medical subject jer huhu) dh tamat..alhamdulillah..
me and housemate dh wt yg terbek utk kali nie..rs nyr msa me spm dlu pon x sngguh2 cm yg skang nie..mata msg2 siap dh jd cm mata panda sbb stay up tgh2 mlm. 2 lom kira bdn yg dh fatigue tem g exm....mcm2 perkara brlaku dlm msa lbh kurg sbulan nie. 4 those yg wt msalah kt me tem exam nie, mf la sbb me x lyn mslh2 yg korg wt 2..xde msa nk lyn.bku lbih penting ok..

hbis je exm oral + praktikal biochem, kitorg trus take a snap ramai2..bdk arb jd camerawoman kitorg haha..to tell da truth, dlm gmbr 2 me nmpk berisi sket..etceli bl timbang kt frmasi brt me x nek pon, tp mb sbb duk umah ngdp bku n lptp + xwt aktiviti2 snmn cm sllu ( cm brjln2 hehe), mnjdikan tdg yg dipakai trasa agk ktt..skang nie dlm proses utk mengurgkn brt bdn kmbali sbb exm dh hbs kn (hehe)..

skng dh musim panas, lalat dh mula mengganggu ketenteraman pd wktu siang, x lpe jg kpda para nyamuk yg mbuat bising pda wktu mlm (huhu)..n, xtau npe kt leher me rs cm da bgkk coz me rs cm de sumting kt tkk yg wt kn me rs susah utk brnfs, ssh nk telan mknn (even air liur pon rs ssh gk), n rs xselesa..tp yg pelik me x rs skt (risaunya)..ubt dh mkn tp effect cme skjp..xtau nk wt cmne lg dh..

k, thats all 4 now ^,^v doakan me sehat sllu + dpt mumtaz utk imtihan akhir sanah nie (amin)

p/s: lpe nk cter, stp kli hr yg de exm kn msti me rs mta nie ngntuk sgt2 cm org xtdo beberapa hr.pdhal mlm sblm exm me akan tdo awl..hr yg xde exm xcmtu plak, npe ek? (pelik..hmm)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Xde Keje ^,^'v

Perasaan yg bercampur baur kpd 'insan2' dlm pic neh ^,^
(rindu, cyg, sedih ^-^' )

Nampak ke White & Ismail ^,^v ??

*kucing pertama jd ballerina ~white~ ^,^v
*tp mak dia (ismail) yg dapat medal (pe cter?? =,=')

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MeHnAh DaLaM MehNah

Dalam menghadapi musim peperiksaan nie, yg mnjadikan setiap org yg nk mengambil peperiksaan tibe2 brubah perangai, sakit yg x menentu, tekanan emosi yg semakin hr semakin memuncak (lg2 bl byk lg revision xwt kn =,='), dan lain2 lagi situasi yg xbrlaku tem normal bleh brlaku tem nie..psti dtg plak ujian yg len..

Tem2 peperiksaan nie, allah sllu nk bg tiket kjyaan + tiket menahan sabar serentak. Msa me kt KUIN mek diploma dlu, tem nk dkt ngn exm (siap pulun nk hbiskn muqarrar tem 2) tem 2 la msanyr sakit dtg. kwn2 me pon, tem 2 la masalah keluarga pon dtg 'ziarah'.
Kt cni plak, stp kali nk exm penting (skali lg, da ke exm yg xpenting??) stp kli 2 la org2 kt sekeliling kte wt masalah (xtau la mereka sdr atau tidak, semoga allah memberikan me kesabaran & kekuatan, serta mengampuni kesilapan mereka)... xlupe jgk, msg2 dh rs xsehat.me dh rs pale cm dh pdt (lapangkanlah dada dan mindaku, ya allah).mkn pon x bpe nk lalu (tp mkn jgk sbb nk bg tenaga & hlgkn ngntuk). housemate da yg dmm (tp ttp gagahkan diri utk baca buku).org len plak cbe mncari & menambah masalah yg tlh sedia ada (ampuni mereka ya allah)..
Tp alhmdulillah, allah masih memberikan nikmat akal yg waras utk berfikir tindak tanduk yg seterusnya. Alhamdulillah, kami sumer dapat kawal rsa amarah dan lain2 lg perasaan yg sewajarnya dilakukan sbgai muslim ^-^...Semoga me x menyusahkan dan x menambahkan rsa susah pda org len di saat org len sng dan susah (amin)
Ya Allah, berikanlah kami kekuatan untuk menghadapi setiap mehnah dalam perjuangan kami nie. Kuatkan at kami. Kurniakan kami mumtaz dalam setiap peperiksaan yg kami lalui (amiin)..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 Mei yG BerMaCam peRaSaaN

Smalam, kami 1 umah xcited nk kua pg2 sbb hr nie kami nk g jawazat utk sambung visa kami. utk pengetahuan semua, kami sume tlh mnjadi PATI (Pendatang tanpa Izin) di Mesir ini sejak beberapa minggu kami sumer sampai dcni.. Jadi, spe yg x xcited kn? Sbb dgn adanya visa, kami dh bleh melangkah lebih jauh utk berjalan kt mesir neh.. Me cm bse, after sbuh, trus kua kn bju n tdg utk dipakai..hehe sgt xcited wpon sbnrnyr agk mls jgk sbb tngl beberapa hr je lg nk exm n me xhbs wt revision lg.

Dalam kol 7 a.m waktu cni, me n 2 org lg housemate dh kua umah.lg 3 org housemate g utk trip ke-2..Kami dh rncg nk g nek teksi je trus..even byr mhl, tp kmi nk cop tmpt..gerenti ramai dh tem 2 (sangka kami la). coz hr sabtu adlh hr khas utk rakyat mesia n indonesia shj.kami x leh g hr len..so, tmpt 2 akn sesak dgn kami la stp hr sabtu.

Sampai2 je kt tmpt 2, me trus hulur 15 genih sbgai byrn teksi kt 'ammu teksi 2. Lps turun, kami 3 org rs pelik sgt, npe pagar jawazat x bukak lg + da bdk mesia lelaki dalam 20 org + org xramai..mengapakah? kami yg masih lg diseberang jalan trus menelipon kwn2 yg len. me kol housemate yg trip ke-2 tue, while the other housemate call classmate yg spttnyr pon turun jawazat hr 2 utk cop passport kami (utk pengetahuan, kami dh dtg jawazat 2 mnggu yg lps utk isi borang, antr borang, n proses maklumat..so diz week kami dtg utk cop visa kt pasport kami..then keje kami selesai ^,^v )..pas2 classmate kami kata, hr nie jawazat ttup sbb hari pekerja (owh! 1 mei adalah hr pekerja utk sumer ngra ker??!!!)..

me trus tergelak kt c2..ok fine! rs bengang pon de sbb msa + 15 genih me tlh terbang bg2 sahaja. tp rs nk trgelak sbb kami malu yg amat kt student mesia laki kt seberang jln sne (owh Tuhan! *,* ) kami trus memikirkan apa yg kami perlu wt skng nie. kami merancang utk menunggu housemates trip ke-2 sampai (mrka otw ktka ini) dan x mo btau mereka (haha!! :P mau cover punyr psl). so, bl mrka dtg pasti jejaka2 mesia diseberang sne memikirkan yg kami bknnyr nk g jawazat tp sdg menunggu kwn2 utk g ke tmpt len (~ngee :P )

Sesampai shja housemate trip ke-2, seusai mereka mbyr tmbg teksi mrka, dan setelah teksi yg mrka naiki memecut laju meninggalkan kami d tepi jln..kami trus mbtau mrka..me ktka itu mmg dh dh glk gile2 (tp dlm keadaan cover la coz malu nt jejaka2 d sne prsn plak yg kami sdg cover malu neh)..dlm prjalan menunggu bus utk pulang, kami memikirkan bagaimana hndk mbtau jejaka2 di sne yg jawazat ttup hr nie T,T ...

setelah kami dpt bus, kami nek, dn kami pasti yg bus 2 akan lalu kt dpn jawazat (coz bdk2 laki 2 duk kt dpn pintu jawazat) kami masing2 tlh brsedia dr dlm bus utk mbuat apa shj cara nk btau mereka yg hr ni jwzat ttup..sebaik sahaja bus lalu, ada atr kami yg beri signal (T) dan ada yang mjerit "hr nie jawazat ttup!!! cuti2!!" ...msg2 bdk2laki trsebut muke pelik + tanda soal yg sgt bsr + xfhm apa yg kami katakan..kami hrp sgt mrka fhm pe yg kami smpikn pda mreka dn jgn mrh kami sbb kami x btau awl..sesungguhnyr kami berasa bengang jg kn trbang msa dan wang..tp rsa malu 2 lbh dr rs bengang :D ehehe

*lihatlah muka kami msg2 yg sbnrnyr nga bengang ngn pe yg brlaku, tp rs klkr dn malu 2 lbih dr rs bengang.. ^,^v

p/s: countdown for final exam... =,='
p/s: sambung crite psl jawazat dr housemate trip ke-2 kt blog ummu

Friday, April 30, 2010

Day Light Saving (DST) (",)*

hr nie utk kali prtama me dpt rs pengalaman Day Light Saving (DST).. mlm td (29 april 2010) selepas jam 11.59 p.m (wktu egypt), trus masuk kol 1 a.m utk 30 april 2010.. npe xde kol 12? 1 jam tlh missing dlm DST nie. means hr nie (30 april 2010) cme da 23 jam sahaja..

berikut adalah berkenaan DST yg me mek dr tenet :)
"DST (or also a.k.a summertime in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during summer. During DST, the sun appears to rise one hour later in the morning, when people are usually asleep anyway, and sets one hour later in the evening, seeming to stretch the day longer.

The reason DST works is because it saves energy due to less artificial light needed during evening hours - clocks are set one hour ahead during the spring, and one hour back to step time in the autumn."

mengikut jadual yg tlh dinyatakan kt lmn web nie, DST di egypt akan tamat pd 6 ogos 2010..d mna pd tarikh tersebut, jam akan brtmbh 1 jam..mnjdi 24 jam kmbali... (kalo x slp la haha).. cte seterusnya ttg pe yg brlaku pda 6hb ogos nt me akan cter kemudian wokeh ;)

ok la utk kali nie..kne jimat mse.nk exm nie..study x hbs lg.dh la da 23 jam je hr nie T_T

ok...daa ^,^'

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MeReka yG meRinDui Diriku ^_^'

Musim2 nk exm nie byk plak mereka2 yg membuat me rsa trharu (hehe)
Mereka2 yg disebutkan adlh my classmates (~ngee :D )

Yela, sllunyr mrka2 klo nk kol pon bnda2 penting je..yela dh jmpa kt kls kn, so klo nk ckp pe2 yg ble delay utk smntra wktu mrka akan ckp bnda 2 esok d kls..tp sjk kblkgn nie, rajin plak mrka menepon me.pas2 bl me tnyr npe..ckp sje tnyr kabar + rindu (muahaha!! terharu gile..siyes)..me pon gelak je la (hehe-cra glk yg sbnr bkn bgtu huhu).. pelik jgk apbl situasi2 sbgini brlaku (cm jenayah lak haha). tp tem2 nk exm nie la mcm2 benda pelik brlaku krna diri kte dn org len jg menjadi pelik..oleh itu, kepelikan yg tlh brlaku dlm diri msg2 tlh mnyebabkan situasi2 mnjdi pelik (owh...fhm kah anda??)

kepelikan jga trjadi pd dri me..atrnyr: nosebleeding T_T ..me enggak tau apa puncanya (esh..tr'indon' la plak -ini jg 1 kepelikan trbaru smsa sdg menaip entry ini ~ngee :P ) ttpi, hndk diceritakan prkara sbnar, stp kali exm yg sgt penting menjelma (ade ke exm yg xpnting??), me akan kene nosebleeding..ntah la..pressure kowt kn ;)

k la..nk smbg mbuat latihan CVS..nie dh lari dr prkara yg spttnyr me wt skang neh..nk wt cne, tem nk exm nie la tgn ni rajin sgt nk update blog hehe..chao! ;P

p/s: doakan me utk exm nie spy dpt mumtaz k! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ Di SaaT MereKa... T_T ~

Di saat mereka tidur lena (sbb dh mmg wktu tdo pon skang. kol 3.50 a.m dh subuh lak ~jd sl tgk entry ini ditulis pd jam bpe haha), me dcni sdg mengadap buku biochem (part DNA n RNA) coz esok de revision smbil minum 1 cawan bsr teh 0 + daun pudina sgr. Klo x truk la d 'ceramah oleh Dr.Fatma (uhuhu)

Di saat mereka study sjk lps isya' hg wktu mrka nk tdo, me plak yg tdo sbb otak penat "-"

Di saat bdk2 arab sdg bermanja-manjaan dgn family mereka nun di kmpung sana (kmpung mereka lah..) kmi bdk2 mesia dcni sdg pulun utk menghabiskn silibus n wt revision..

Di saat sepatutnyr kami strt study utk study week for final exm nie, tp kami msih lg melangkah kaki ke kelas (langkah kaki kananmu ~saujana~ haha)

Mengapakah perkara2 terbalik ini berlaku??!

p/s: waktu yg disebut adalah wktu egypt. jk anda menggunakan wktu mesia, sila tolak 6 jam dr wktu anda untuk mngetahui wktu egypt.

p/s: 8hb Mei nie start paper prtama iaitu physiology utk final exam..doakan me ok ;)

p/s: "rabbi yassir wala tu'assir"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bila trlebih wt baik.. "-"

nape ek manusia nie bl trlebih kte wt bek kt dier, dier sng2 je nk pijak pale kte..smpi hormat pon dh xde..dier ingt kte xde perasaan ke bl dier wt cm2 kt kte?

npe ek manusia nie, benda yg dier xreti tue ble mntk tlg kte kemain lmbut lg ckp, tp bl kte Terwat silap sket kt bnda yg dier mntk tlg 2, dier komen kt kte cm kte nie xreti nk wt bnda 2 lak (pdahal dier mntk tlg kte)..len kali klo rs nk puaskn at sndiri, wt sndiri.klo slp pon, kte akui kesilapan kiter. bkn xble nk komen, tp bg ayat 2 bia bgus sket, bkn wt dri awk 2 cm bgus..

npe ek manusia nie, ske wt bnda yg dier rs dier tau pdahal dier xtau. bl org btulkan, dier ttp nk kata dier 2 btul. nk ikut pndpt org len pon dier x nak trimer..tp last2 dier jgk yg slp.kn allah jdkan manusia 2 hdp brjemaah, bljr utk dgr pndpt org len jgk..kalo xnak trimer, ckp elok2..bkn ikut rs sndiri je, tp ikut pe yg logik & bnr.

ingt: org yg diam bl kplanyr dipijak, xsemestinyr at dier pon diam..jga hbgn ngn manusia dn sesama makhluk..jgn ckp ikut lps mulut je.pndg sket awk ckp ngn spe demi nk jaga ukhuwwah.
brsyukur la pda sape2 yg tlh selama ini wt at sy 'gembira' sbb sy tlh doakan syurga utk mereka. tp atr awk ngn allah sy xtau la pe jd k..

-posting nie hanyr utk melepaskan pe yg da dlm at setelah sekian lama brsabar..jd spe2 yg terasa 2 hrp mf la ek. its better dr sy attack awk blk.sbb sy nie xske nk berbalah mulut ngn org yg rs stp pe yg dier wt tue sumer betul-

Thursday, April 1, 2010

seMenJak-Dua MenJak

hmm..rs dh lma giler x update (ayat common bg blogger cm me hehe) yela..hr 2 dkt sebulan jgk la tenet umah xder psl modem meletup huhu. then start 2 hr lps bru tenet da slps modem dibaiki (kot)..

skang nie lbh kurg sbulan lg utk menuju je final exam (wah!! sgt takut :'( )
hopefully sumer marks utk test b4 final nie ble sgt2 mbantu me nt huhu..
skang nie sdg mnjana otak utk serap sebyk mungkin data2 n facts yg dktr bg tem lecture.

kdg2 rs sgt gmbira..kdg2 rs sedih n mrh (tp pndai cover so org xble nmpk la kn huhu melenkn klo der org tetiba 'jentik'..ha 2 mmg cr psl la nma nyr)

huh...sdh mls utk menaip posting...spttnyr admin blogspot neh kne update (admin lak yg kne mrh ek??) haha pttnyr kne ltk cra selen menaip, bg la rkmn ke so otomatik ayt2 yg da dlm kpla nie ble di'cetak' msuk kt posting..(korg phm ke? hrp phm la ek huhu)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 haRi buat BuBur SumSum (a.k.a. lompat tikam) =_=

Hari Pertama

Family me kt msia btau derg nk blk kmpg.. Siap promote me kata maklong wat bubur sumsum.. Naeem siap kata "Rugi ko xblk,long".. (Amboi masing2..mntg2 la me jauh..kemain lg eh..). Bl dh dgr prnyataan nie, rindu me kt kmpg dh brtukr kpd rindu kpd nk mkn bubur sumsum =_= (sgt rindu wehh..) Cpt2 me tnyr ummi cne nk wt.. cra2nyr:-

-tepung beras + santan + garam secubit + air + perasa pandan (kalo da la)
-letak atas api dgn api yg kecil + jgn sekali2 tinggal (mean kene kaco scr brterusan la)

ummi menambah lg:-
-"along tepung tue bl kaco dier cair je..ala cam air tue...dlm 20 mnt cm2 ok la"

me pon dlm msa yg sma g tnyr senior kt mnsurah 2 tpg beras pe dlm arab..katanyr NISHA(jauhkn?? yela me kn duk cairo...tp tnyr pakai YM la...)

lps asr, me trus siap2 kua ngan smangat yg berkobar2 utk membeli nisha hehe..
after blk dr kedai, tukr baju pas2 tros kua kn periuk (yela..prt nie dh tringin nk sgt bubur neh).
setelah mengikut aturcara yg di ajar oleh ummi, me pon trus msukkan bubur 2 dlm bekas dn masukkan dlm peti sejuk...da la dlm 4 bks huhu

mlm 2, kwn me btau NISHA ADLH TPG JAGUNG!!!..huhu!! tdk!!!! hbs tue tpg beras pe??

tpg beras adalah DAIK RUZ...huaaaaaaaa!!!!

mlm 2 me tgk bubur cm dh jd..ahh tibai je la..rupa da, tp rs xda...eshh geram geram geram sbb bubur xjd

Hari Kedua
ummi tanyr jd x bubur sum2..me cter prkara sbnr dn umi pon kata "msukkn 5 cwn tpg brs + air 2 litre + bubur tpg jagung smlm tue dlm scwn
me trus kua mbeli daik ruz....blk, trus kua kn periuk dn mengikut cara2 ummi...slps dlm 20 mnt, me angkt dn tuang dlm bks.msuk peti ais blk...
ptg tue me tgk...HUH!! MASIH X JD LG..MALAH MSIH LEMBIK!!!..apakah ini?!!!
me dh rs cm nk tuang je tpg xjd 2 dlm mulut Mr. Tong Sam Pah...sbr2...
me kol umah..naeem rupanyr yg jwb..mntk naeem bwk lptp g nek atas..nk ckp ngn ummi.naeem tnyr nape...me ckp la bubur sum2 xjd jgk..naeem gelak..k, fine!
ckp2 ngn ummi..ummi pon pelik npe xjd2 jgk..klo kt mesia wt siap dh ble mkn dh kot!!..ummi kta kurg tepung kot..tmbh la tpung brs lg sket..me kepeningan, bkn ke smlm kata adunan tue ntn jd cair cm air.klo tmbh tpg msti jd lbh pekat..hm ikut je la
Hari Ketiga
me bkk peti ais...WAHHHH!!! (apakah yg anda sgka?!! cuba teka??.teng tedeng!!!!)...msih x jd!..huaaaaa!! npe nehhh????
me dh smkin pning...xtau nk slhkn me ke atau tpg tue sndiri yg slh (konon2 cm tpg beras mesia len dr tpg brs mesir)....
ptg dlm lps asr (wktu mesir), me kol umah psl kebiasaan wktu begini adlh wktu untk kol umah..plbagai tjuk yg dibincangkn antranyr me kempunan nk mkn kuih (me sgt suke kuih ye tuan2 dn puan2)....ummi tros la ckp cra2 mbuat kuih.tbe2 tros msuk bab bubur sum2 smalam..
ummi: "jd xbubur awk 2?"
me: "xjd pon..grm je"
ummi: "cne awk wt leh xjd nie? pelik je ummi"
me: "kalo ummi pelik, along lg la pelik psl tgn along nie dh lenguh kua msuk tpg tue dlm priuk"
abah lak menyelit: "awk neh bukak api kuat cm F1 tue kot" (smbl gelak)
me trpinga2 smbl brpk...rsnyr sma je api tue..api kecik..
ummi: "cne awk wt?"
me: "cam ummi ajr tue la" (smbl mnceritakn kmbali cara2 mbuat bbur sum2 seolah2 sdg mengajr kembali ummi)
tbe2 ummi gelak.pastu ummi ckp "la patut la x jd!!" (smbl gelak)
me nie dh trpinga2..apakah yg trjd?..me slp pe??!!
ummi:"bubur tue dlm periuk kaco smpi likat cm dodol la.."
me:''aik? hbis 2 ummi kata angkt bl nmpk bubur 2 dh cair cm air.. (smbl mnunjukkan rs pelik d muka)''
ummi:''lailahaillallah..yg cair tue msa sblm ltk ats api laaaaa..pas2 ltk ats api dlm 30-40 mnt"
huaaa!!! ruper2nyr kt c2 yg silap!!..abah siap gelak...ummi gelak lg la smpi siap kata skt prut gelakkn me...huuuuuuuu
hbs 2, me tros bkk peti ais, mek bubur yg xjd 2 msuk dlm priuk dn kaco smbil tgk2 jam (30 mnt ye..ingt)...kaco puny kaco pastue..rs cm dh jd je ni tp xkonfiden sbb dh bpe kali tpung tue asyik kene msuk periuk je..
cukup 36 mnt, me tutup api, tros msukkn tpg dlm bekas.bks lak dmasukkan dlm peti ais
selepas stgh jam, me bukak peti ais...WAHHHH!!! (cuba teka pe yg jd ???!!)...dh jd!!!.yes! (alhamdulillah)..
skang nie dlm keadaan yg sgt gmbra. xsbr nk tnggu prut kosong sbb nk mkn bubur sum2 3 hr heheh

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hepi NeW yEaR ;)

Huhu..org len sumer dh update blog n wish ucapan thn baru, tp me lom g.. But, me rsa msh xtrlambt lg kn ;) , so me ucapkan:-

HEPI NEW YEAR!!! (peace! :D )
Utk bebudak skola dan cegu2 skola, msti dh rs seramkn bl dh strt thn baru hehe yela kn dh nk start skola (jgn wt2 xphm ek adk2 skola...cewah! :P ) Me tgk adik2 me kt umah dh prepare mcm2..byk brg2 skola bru dibeli, pe pn xlpe gk brg2 yg msh ble digne pakai (pndai2 jaga k..).
Wt Njwa, Uda, n Naeem: Dah start skola nie msti dh mula tmpu pd pljrn k. Men bkn xble tp bia la kne pd msa dn tmptnyr..
Etceli diz week me der 2 exam lg:
- Physio (Lab) - Blood
- Anatomy - Lower Limb <6/1/2010>
p/s: me xtau npe stp kali nk exm me msti akn update blog..seolah2 nk lpskn rs risau huhu..
pe pn, plez pray 4 me k! '-*
Skang me nk study lak sbb dh beberapa hr me xserious nk study (sedih sgt!)
Wokeh, gd luck everybody! ;) Have a nice year! :D
(xder pic utk entry kali nie hehe mls seh!)